Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stop by and Smell the Roses

On Canada Day, I went out for a longerish ride.  I rode to places where I use to train. It was nice to be out of the city and out in the farms.  It was quiet.  The sun was bright.  A bit too windy for my taste but it was still good.

The route I took I had been riding on it for four years.  I know it like the back of my hand.  I know every turn, every bump, every crack.  

Today, however, there was something that caught my attention.  I noticed there were many wild lillies blooming on the side of the road.

The shot taken from my low quality 1-megapixel camera phone.

I went online and found this picture:

They were beautiful.  Dotted along the fences along the road.

I never seen them before.  Never noticed them.  For four years.  Every other Sat and Sun when I would ride along here.  On my easy rides. On my long rides.  On my hard rides.  Until now.

Perhaps I should stop by and smell the roses more often.

A little town called Lowville.  This is a 2% grade climb stretches for 1 km. One of my favourite place for hill repeat.

Taking a shot while riding...(the 17 on my speedometer is in km..not miles).

And since it was Canada Day.  I spent the evening with some friends watching fireworks.  Good times....

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Wai Jia said...

Sounds like a really good ride you had. Yes, keep stopping to smell the roses, and lilies too :)