Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Solitude liberates us from entanglements by carving out a space from which we can see ourselves and our situation before the Audience of One. Solitude provides the private place where we can take our bearings and so make God our North Star. ~ Os Guinness

There is certain truth to this quote.  I love solitude.  Recently, I strive even more. I've been telling a few brothers and sisters I don't want to go out, I just want to sit by myself and do nothing.

It seems pretty boring.  Sometimes it does feel like it.  Especially in a culture that is on the go.

This weekend? What are you doing?  Nothing?  You should go do something. Go do something fun.

Nothing against fun. And nothing against going out.

But I think my mind has been racing for too long.  List of to dos and meet ups.

Perhaps this is why I enjoy the times in Australia last year. It was great to backpack for two weeks where I can do ...nothing.

There are days where after having brekkie (that's Australia term for breakfast), I can venture back to my room, pull out a map to see where to go or do some reading. I can walk around for no purpose.  To simply explore, reflect and discover...

This is what I am most fond of in my triathlon days..those long long 'training' are great excuse to be alone.  To sit before Him (I know it sounds weird considering I am actually pedaling on my bike....) for hours and just reflect on life and commune with Him.

Lately, the need for solitude grows more.  Partly because of work and ministry....but also I am seeking His Guidance more and more.

Last night, I rode my bike after work.  Alone.  I had a bunch of friends that do a weekly Monday run.  Great gang.  I had a great ride. Under the trees.  Turns.  The bumps.  The quiet side roads.

Maybe I am just trying to see myself clearer and see where He is guiding me towards....

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