Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Repost: Confront a New Chicken!

Repost from The Ratanak Foundation Mission Blog.

Chicken is the term use to describe pedophiles going to Svay Pak (a town in Cambodia) looking to abuse young children.

This post is about a sister decided to confront a chicken and exposed his intention on visiting Svay Pak.

I have to say I quite like having these direct conversations with the 'chickens'---instead of beating around the bush and being vague, its felt good to just be direct and confront him. In a way, it is exposing the darkness and evil intent of these men but more than that, it was nice to see him feeling a bit cornered, irritated, exposed and clearly frustrated. My prayer is that he would let his other 'chicken friends' know that they should avoid Svay Pak since its not what it used to be.
No doubt there are many pedophiles around and am sure many more will continue to drop into Svay Pak but nonetheless, just like we are called to seek justice one child at a time, in a similar vein, we are challenging these pedophiles one at a time. We pray that in doing so, more and more God will use these encounters to bring deep conviction in the hearts of these men and that where ever they go, they will feel so cornered and frustrated as God prevents them from fulfilling their destructive agenda against the vulnerable.

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Wai Jia said...

Really glad someone's doing sth about it and that youre inspired to do the same. Keep praying- one day God will lead you to where He wants you to be so you can serve Him best :)