Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TCM St Jamestown Update: Training this Sun

Leading my first mission trip....

First, God answers with many helpers willing to come to this mission trip.  It's going to be full.  Praise the Lord.

Second, just reading some of the applications, I am encouraged how God works in wonderful and marvelous ways in each of the applicants' life.

Blasted this email out before I head to bed last night...
Hello everyone,
You are receiving this email because you are interested in the TCM St James Town mission trip.  I want to say thanks for your interest in serving Jesus and serving those who you haven't met in your life.  
This is my first mission trip and I am excited and nervous.  Excited because I have a passion to serve the least of the least in our society.  Nervous, (you can laugh at this one) b/c i don't think i am that good with kids..I read each of your application forms and you all have more experiences running kids camp than me :O.  I ain't that creative nor artsy.  Muhaha..I guess this is how great God is because He can use someone like me to lead the Toronto City Mission's Day camp. 
I just want to give you guys a head up.  
There is a training this Sun, July 25th, from 1 pm till 3 pm at church in Room 102.   
The next one is Aug 8th. Same time and same location.
Since there are only two trainings before we go, it is extremely important for you to attend.
Lunch will NOT be provided.  If you want to get some take out, just bring few bucks with you and I can do a Wendy's drive thru.
We will be doing some sharing, talk about who are our neighbours (Luke 10, Parable of the Good Samaritan), guest speaker sharing her passion for her neighbours, pray and prepare activities for the day camp.
Some of you haven't submit me the application form and a check ($25 to MCAC), please do so this Sun. 
If you need anything or have any questions, you can email me or give me a shout.
Time for rest....this week will be a busy busy week.

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