Thursday, May 6, 2010

Between good and good

Just write a quick post before I head out for lunch.

I notice that the choices I make as a Christian is not between good and bad.

It is not a decision whether to steal or not to steal.

In a world of affluence, often it is a subtle difference between good and good.

When I was little, I grew up playing paintball and video games.  I still do them on and off.

Is it wrong to play paintball or video games?  Not on their own accord.  They are entertainment and enjoyable. Good time to spend with friends.

At the same time, there is also a point where I have to decline such invitation as there is a higher priority.

If God calls me to use paintball as a ministry...that's a diff story.

When God calls, He doesn't ask us to choose.  He gives a direct command.  The response is often have to do with giving up the 'good' things and follow His path.

Another example is triathlon.  It is a great testimony and a great ministry.  A lot of people encourage me to keep doing it.  Great for health.  It is fun. It brings hope to others.

These are all good things.  At the same time, when God calls and says it is time to move on, I obey.


The freedom to choose between good and good is willingness to obey from the One.  It is obedient as a disciple of Christ.  And it is not a deep sadness to loose those things.  In a culture of accumulating for more, the idea of giving up is foreign.

And it is not a sacrifice...the real sacrifice is on the Cross.  Everything I receive I did not earn.   It was given to me.

Should I play paintball when my friends ask me to go?
I sometimes say yes and sometimes I say no.

I limit myself  'fun' times so it won't over take the times I am called to serve...though serving can be fun as well :D.

So how do I discern?   For me, if I look back over the past where I spend my time and money... was I faithful in what I am call?  Am I focus?  Have I put time in the ministry He calls me to go....

If I cannot answer those questions with a clear conscience, I know something is up and I ain't giving the Lord my all.

And I am weak at this.  Because I get frustrated when many people ask me to go out.  To socialize is not bad.   I think I got a quick temper and want to do things I need to do.

This is the lesson I am learning.  To learn to say no.  Not with grief but with joy.  To be ok to say no.

To choose between good and good.

Want to see how Christian and Jesus is restoring in Cambodia??

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Tara said...

I understand completely about saying no. Not just saying no to be selfish, but saying no so you can say YES to God and what He is calling you to do.
I struggle with the balance often, but thank goodness for His grace and most of all His love to give us that freedom. Everyday is a adventure in God's classroom and I'm choosing like you seem to be chosing to follow Him.. counting cost..

Finding Joy in that is so good!
This week I've been reading Crazy Love by francis chan... good simple.