Saturday, May 8, 2010

Between good and good reflection

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled, Between Good and Good.

In it, I wrote:

Another example is triathlon.  It is a great testimony and a great ministry.  A lot of people encourage me to keep doing it.  Great for health.  It is fun. It brings hope to others.
These are all good things.  At the same time, when God calls and says it is time to move on, I obey.

Last night,  I receive this email from a friend:

How's your training going so far? I have been caught up with some church stuff, and didn't get to start training until lately! :P
I know you are probably doing a lot already for your own, but I'm just wondering... by any slight chance, would you ever be interested in doing a Sprint distance Triathlon??

To which I reply:

Ho ho ho..i am doing be honest i haven't train for the past few weeks..
Been spending a lot of praying and seeking the Lord for such, I have stopped doing any training and not doing any triathlon this season (perhaps forever). My last race is next Sun for the sauga half will be painful b/c I haven't run for a long time and i am quite out of shape.
Oh well :P.
What this means is that I apologize as you have to find another person to race with.
Feels like the Lord is moving me to a diff need to surrender everything and seek His Guidance..

Focus and seek.


This is my friend's response:
No need to apologize!  May God's love and peace be with you as you continue to seek His guidance :)    

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Tara said...

It's always so much easier to do things God's way. Good job... keep seeking, knocking. Best of luck at the half too! Seems like God is showing you some areas in which new things are being replaced, hopefully you can still enjoy exercise for exercise.

BTW- I haven't swam in months and I'm on some team tri in June... oh boy!