Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sometime encouragement comes in the unlikely places.

This is from Jason. A friend who followed my blog for a few years.

He was coming through Singapore a few months ago on his way to Cambodia.  We had a chance to stop by for a coffee.

This is the email he wrote after he went home (Australia) from Cambodia.

As I mentioned, been meaning to send this photo through to you for a while, for memory's sake! Hope all things are well with you in Singapore. I'm still busily reading your blog, although have retired from mine just for a while, I anticipate being back in action in the next few months. 
Cambodia was an amazing trip - my team (of 13 people) ended up going into Kampong Cham and staying at an orphanage run by a Christian organisation. We hung out with the kids, went into local schools and went around visiting the locals at their houses and sharing the Gospel. In total our team would have seen about 50 salvations and numerous people healed of various ailments, praise God! 
There were plenty of tears shed when we left the village - mostly leaving the kids as we built such a tight bond over the week we spent there. 
My mate and I have booked flights back to Sg for the end of the year, in anticipation of going on another trip, God willing. Pray for me, as I haven't had my leave from work approved for it yet .. am believing for a miracle! 
Also I read that things seem to be going well with your lady friend ... good to see! Overall life in Singapore is treating you well? I do miss the food ... and it must be a bit cooler over there than it is here at the moment - we are experiencing our eighth heat wave for the summer.

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Jason said...

I'm glad we coordinated our shirts that day!