Monday, October 24, 2011

Unexpected Surprises

I have nine more days before flying to Singapore.

I intentionally set next week as 'lock down' which I don't see anyone. Stay home.  Spend time with the family.  Take care of left over things.

I am glad I done that.  As I was afraid there would be a few unexpected surprises along the way.  I like to give myself some buffer time for myself.

I am glad.

So a few things popped up lately which I need to address.

The good news is that the big, medication, medical records etc..they are all being taking care of.

A few people asked me have I pack yet...

...packing is not that complicated.  Making sure my finances are settle down and wrapping up things before I head out requires more attention than packing.

As long as I have my medication, my documents, passport etc...the other matters I can buy when I am there (if I need to)....

Ok..time to head back to work.  Wednesday is my last day and in nine days, everything changes

(or I am already in the midst of changing....)

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