Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Not that there are many things I cherished.  But for a triathlete, it is definitely the bike.

I am always a big fan of riding.  When I was little with my BMX, to the first time my parents got me a 18 speed bike, to my first road bike, to my first tri bike.  There's some special of going on the road, pedaling down for hours on end.

I can still remember the days when I use to ride in my neighbourhood after school.  I will ride so long that my aunt will come out worry about me.  The youths of my summers were spent on two wheels.  Exploring every side road, dirt path, hidden path my neighborhood offered.

It's strange how the love for cycling never fades away.  I parted with it during highschool and University.  Once I graduated and started to work, I picked up a road bike with clipped pedals.   The passion to ride came back and I will ride everyday.  This time though, it won't be my neighborhood no more. Instead of exploring the suburbs, I would explore from town to town.  I would ride as far as the road would take me.  To the farmlands.

Again, it never felt bored.  There was always a new road to explore, new route to discover.

The tri bike is by far the best experience I had in regards to riding.  I picked up the Cervelo Dual after I finished my Ironman in 2007. It's an older 2004 mode.  It didn't matter.  It was my first tri bike.  It felt fast.  It felt great on the road.

What else can I say?  The bike and I went everywhere. In all types of terrain, in all types of weather.  In the hills, in the valleys, in the sun, in the heat, in the snow, in the rain.  Cyclist and triathletes are obsess and have such tight bonds about their bikes.  Maybe because it is during these tough times in training when we reflect on how well the two wheel contraption below us performed.  It just kept going and going and going.

As long as my mind keeps upping the intensity, as long as my legs keep pushing the pedal, the bike just gives and gives and gives.  There's something about pouring yourself over a stretch of road.

There's nothing like going 35 kph + in the tri position as your legs are filling with laetic acid, you are inhaling as much air as your lungs can hold, your mind is focusing on keeping the pace as long as you can.....

With my preparation to Singapore..I know I must part with what I own.  And so I posted my Cervelo Dual up for sale online.  Indeed parting is such sweet sorrow....

...if you are interested in my bike, the full details is available at

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