Monday, March 14, 2011

By the numbers

I haven't had a good run for a long time.

Tonight I did a 45 min on the treadmill.  10 min easy, 25 min medium w/ a min break every 15 min and 10 min cool down.

All in front of Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Good to be running again...It feels good.  The consistent rhythm of the feet pounding the treadmill.  The focus on moving as smooth and as efficient as possible.  Stand tall, don't move side to side too much.  Just focus on quick, light steps in a forward motion. blood pressure has been quite hard for a while (150/100).  Partly due to stress.  Partly due to medication.  When I was training back in 2005-2007, the blood pressure was manageable (139/80s).  I am training again to keep the blood pressure down and not required medication.  Since I cam back from Asia, my diet been back to my tri training days.  Lots of veges, no fast food, no coke.  Just low sodium and fresh fruits and veges.

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