Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking back

Today, during a breakfast meeting, one of the senior management made a statement that we ought to look back every once in a while and see where we came from.

I was looking up on a quote about Matthew 25 earlier today.  I couldn't find it on Google and I did a search on my own blog.  I found the quote and it brought me to this post....this post was made in March 6, 2009.  Almost a year ago.

The post was about helping the poor, helping D and my own struggles.

This post is a gem.  I enjoy blogging because I get to go back, see my thoughts and see where God is at work (and see those bad grammars ;PP).

In this post, I see and am confirmed that God planted the idea to help the poor. And I always wonder if I can go back and see myself a year or two ago, what advise would I give considering what I gone through.
As I was driving D dropping him back to his place tonight, I can't help but to think, is this what it means to be a Christian? Is it what it means to take care of the sick and the needy? 

And I must admit, there is a lot I do not know. Against this monstrous problem of poverty, how does one take up the will and the cause? There are many debates and praying as to what's the best way and what not. In most of my experience, it usually ends with a lot of discussion and little action.

You keep doing what you are doing Cliff.  This is God's fight and as such, He will provide. You stay and be obedient to Him!
I do not understand it. I am pretty sure if I have to dig, I can go into the Bible and bring scripture after scripture to validate my point. But in the end, it doesn't matter. This ain't an intellectual debate. I do not think anyone going to say one shouldn't help or give to the poor. It is sad if one has to argue and convince another Christian they should help the poor.

...a while back, a Christian friend ask me how can I justify helping the poor is more glorifying than being in the church, say helping the children ministry. In return I told him, in my own Christian walk, I spend one day of the year help the poor, then I go off in my Christian circle thinking I am living in Kingdom of God. I am saddened after reflecting on that.

There is no need to dig.  Isaiah 1:17.  Micah 6:8. Luke 16 (parable of the rich man and Lazarus), Matthew 25 (separating the goat and the sheep).
Again these are good questions. I just don't want to ask. I am tired of asking. I think sometimes God speak very clear in the Bible. Give to the sick. Help the poor. Not when we have plenty. Just give.

Is that even plausible in today's society?

Keep giving.  Give it all.  Everything you have God provides anyways.  Go reckless in your giving.  Don't worry what others will think.  You seek the audience of One.

And I look at my own heart. I too, don't like the idea of getting cheated and taken advantage of. But I hate the idea of thinking I am 'spiritual' up in an Ivy tower with all my knowledge and intellectual talk and debate when I have the faintest idea of what it means to follow Christ.
That's right!!

Thanks Cliff for your encouragement.  Keep running hard for Christ.  He has called you and will work through you for His Glory.  Preserve like you do in triathlon.  Fight the Good Fight.  Don't give up.  Serve your Master proudly and with joy...

This was the quote I was looking for....

An interpretation of Matthew 25 by a homeless women (John Stott) :
I was hungry and you formed a humanities group to discuss my hunger.
I was imprisoned and you crept off quietly to your church and prayed for my release.
I was naked and in your mind you debated the morality of my appearance.
I was sick and you knelt and thanked God for your health.
I was homeless and you preached to me of the spiritual shelter of the love of God.
I was lonely and you left me alone to pray for me.
You seem so holy, so close to God,
but I am still very hungry - and lonely - and cold.


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Tara said...

God is stiring in you a desire to be obedient to Him, not just talk. I will pray for you.