Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter, Cross, Surprise by Grace

At my church, every Good Friday we have a morning service.

Last year, before the Good Friday service I was doing hill repeats (running up and down a hill). It was at that point I told myself, 'I hope whenever I think about the Cross, I will always be in awe.'

Last night at fellowship we were sharing how the Cross impact us from a year or two ago.

It is amazing when I was shown by past experience. My own pain and my fault. Do I started to take in as to what I learn at Church.

Last Sept, I went to Australia to participate in the World Transplant Games. Afterwards, I backpacked for two weeks. There was one passage that convicted me. It was Romans 5:6-11. Here's the post reflecting on that experience.

It was that passage and reflecting of my pasts that God shown me how helpless I was. Not only did I act against Him. But the active enjoyment of rebelling against the Holy One that hurt even more.

I was broken. My hands were dirty. There's nothing I can do to mend things. And at this point of despair that I looked up and caught the glimpse of the redeeming power of the Cross. It was Jesus who had to died on the Cross. His death, a shameful death, is the only solution for a justly God to deal with our sins. Jesus had to bear the Father's wrath for us so that we can stand right before God.

It was at the exact time I was rejoicing. Jesus done everything that needed to be done. For why Jesus would bear the death on a cross for such a worthless soul like me, I will never know. But all I can see before my teary eyes is a God that is merciful, full of love and gentleness. Indeed, He is my Abba Father.

A reckless Father who will stop at nothing to reconcile His enemies (me!). Even to the point of giving up His only Son.

Until the Holy Spirit brought me to a low low place where I stood among the darkness of my sins, I could not comprehend the saving power of the Cross. It was at the point where I had no where to go. When conviction overwhelm my pride and my ego. The conviction of the truth of my nature. God revealed His awesome power of Grace.

I was startled.

I rejoice!

Once again, I pray to my Father that I will never forget the sight of the Cross. That despite all my inequities...

When I am selfish.
When I judge others.
When I think I am better or more important than them.
When I give them the cold shoulder because I have something against them.
When I lie to move ahead.
When I am the rich man and forgot about Lazarus.
When I am the rich fool who build a bigger barn.
When I am a Pharisee.
When I indulged in drunkenness.
When I cursed.
When I brought shame to Christ.
When I am self righteous.

That the power of the Cross still overwhelm. Because our Father is graceful. No matter how far I run away from Him. It will never be far from His reach. And His Grace is ever amazing.


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