Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've been cleaning my room since our house is getting renovated.

I was digging through some of the old stuff and found this poem. I purchased this poem from a friend in Feb 2009. He was hanging out in the cold street of Toronto when I met him. He took pictures with his digital camera, develop them and write a poem.

It is already a year since I know him. Time sure pass fast. If your heart is willing, please pray for him. As he is still in the streets and the winter weather can be brutal (-20*C!!).


Paths can be found through any season...seeing nothing makes it futile. Finding someting worth whie can make even the hardest journey: forgotten.

The day began unknown
But I found a light to show me the way
With it I was not worried
When the night came.

The day began cold.
(seeming walked in) I didn't know
of the way out was: "coming or going".
But I found a tunnel.
Through it: the light inside
guided me.

The day began with a beautiful sky
And I did not let it go
And when the night came...
I slept.

(So), when the days were tiring,
I did not give up...
I found a place to rest.

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