Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harshness and encouraging

At my fellowship, we are looking to create a mission statement. A one liner as to the purpose of the fellowship.

I was digging around in Gmail last night. I found a mission statement I propose back in the days when I was leading:

Emmanuel is a Christian Fellowship that provides the spiritual growth to the young professional brethrens of the English Ministry of MCAC.

I was sharing to a friend if the Cliff that was leading back then is leading me now and when I saw the mission statement, my first response would be...

"Geez..this is it? That's weak!"

Perhaps I should be less harsh on myself (and others). I am trying to think of what ways I can response in a more encouraging manner.

One of the minutes was to plan till the end of 2007. This is part of the minutes:

After figuring out the 5 W’s…we discussed about our Spiritual Growth, our Spiritual Nourishment? Where will it come from?

1. Bible Knowledge-> Discipleship-> Theology/Discussion
2. Prayer nights
3. Application-> Evangelism
4. Social Concern-> Discussions/debates on 21st Century Topics
One thing Pastor Nelson pointed out was that if we don’t grow, we’ve failed#3(the application) As we are put here on this earth to fulfill the “Great Commission” , we don’t necessarily have to stick to a consistent schedule to do the same things month after month; however, as long as meet our goal at the end of year. We set a goal, an annual target at where we want to be and plan our program around it.

I thought there is some gem in there. Especially the part on Great Comission :).

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