Thursday, December 3, 2009


A few days ago I was listening to a podcast. The speaker mentioned that North America is the only continent with decline in Christianity. My heart sank....

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post in response of a youtube video, Tears of the Saints. Whenever I see that video, it still brings a tear thinking millions of prodigal sons in our midst...

In that video, one of the lyric in the video, this is an emergency...

I spend the past few days reading the Gospel of Luke.

Luke 14, when Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, talks about the king telling the servant to ask people to come, and the invitees were too busy to come (tend the fields, look after cattles, just got married). Instead, the King invited the poor, the lame, the cripple to gather at the feast in the Kingdom.

Sometimes it feels like in quiet journey in this walk. To stand out (in a very unattractive [in earthly sense] sort of way. To hate even his own life, to be consider as Jesus disciple.

Perhaps this is why the Puritans call this way of life as 'an audience of one'. Because in most times, most won't understand. Maybe in the head, but rarely the compulsion to change in the heart.

And sometimes I wonder, do we see the lost around us? Do I not just see the lost but feel the immense despair in their lives? Cry out at God to change the heart of the people?
Or give up everything I hold so dearly?

Or have I brought into the lie of Satan in thinking that matter on this world is utmost important?
That tomorrow is just another day. The dream of living a comfortable life fill with things that don't last?

I am more scared from reading the parable of the rich fool (Luke 12). In a culture where wealth is abundance (in relation to the rest of the world), I am more caught in the rich end than the other end.

Last Sat, I brought a highschooler with me to visit the homeless in downtown Toronto. It was his desire to go and see. And going on the streets just bring a lot of things back home. It brings back on the urgency of the Mission. The desire to not be complacent in the works of the gospel. The desire to be unattractive in order to be a disciple. To seek righteousness and not merely things on this earth.

And though I might feel like this is a lonely battle at times, I know He took the weight of it all...this is His Mission, I am merely a servant...

Indeed, this is an emergency. A great cry...

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