Saturday, May 5, 2012

They arrived!

A month ago, I purchased ten Bibles and shipped them to Nigeria to help a Christian brother out.  I blogged about it and shared how hard it was for me to do so.

The Bibles took a month to get to Nigeria.  Since I ordered it, I often wondered if they would get there.  Because you never know if they shipped it to the wrong place.  Or hold up in customs.

As I continued to live my busy life in Singapore, this morning I received a pleasant email....

Dear Brother Cliff, 
Greetings in Jesus name. I am happy to let you know that the bibles you sent have arrived. What a great Joy! They are very precious types.  I am short of words but I want to tell you that this bibles are greatly appreciated. We paid some charges to collect them. God is aware of this great service and hand of fellowship you have extended to us and great is your blessings. Tears of joy flows out of my eyes as I opened and saw the wonderful bibles. I wish I could see you face to face to shake your hands but I know we shall meet in Heaven if not here on earth. We spent much time interceding for you and your church yesterday evening in our evening Bible Study. We are greatly blessed, Glory to God! 
The brother was thankful and grateful.  He shared about his ministry and helping Muslim neighbors (despite some other churches don't want to help the Muslims as they killed Christians).  Yet because of Jesus said, you shall love your neighbours as yourself, the brother and his church continued to offer help in cleaning up debris after the flood.

To love our neighbors.  Here comes a bit of a rant.  Or frustrations at times.  We talked about it.  But how often we love those who are our friends. Last Sun, the preacher shared if you can't even love those who love you, there's something wrong with you.  We shouldn't get a medal or an award because we love those who love us.  That's just normal.  He went on preaching about to love those who are marginalize and who you do not really care.

And this message, I also preach often when I shared.   Back in my church in Canada, I often told the kids to love those who hate them.  Like those who bully them at school.  Or the person in class that no one wanted to talk to.  Yes, we can make up excuses and say it is hard and sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, disobey what Jesus taught.

But reading this brother's email.  Where he live so far away from me, brought me much encouragement and hope.  To which I wrote a heartfelt email back:

Hi Brother,
Praise the Lord for He provides more than abundance in what I need. I am so happy and joyful to get up this morning and read your email.  To hear that you receive the Bibles make me joyful. I pray that you will continue to strengthen the brethens around you as you teach them the Word of Truth and obey them in everything in Christ. I am so thankful to be part of this and to help your ministry grow.  I do not think I am special in this manner, as I struggle whether or not to buy the Bibles.  Then I realize this is a worthy investment.  Since I ordered the Bible last month, I often wonder when it will arrive and whether you will receive them. I am glad you have them in your hands. 
I thank you for sharing how your church love your Muslim neighbors and helped them in their needs. I, too, advocate and preach to love our enemies and to bless them.  As Jesus has said in Matthew 5:43-48.   Of course, this is not easily done. But our lives, living in the Kingdom of Heaven, is to act to bring the Good News. And yes, many will focus mainly within the church.  Those of us who see the greatness of His Kingdom will be able to open our eyes and our hearts to see those who are in need and reach those who Jesus desire to reach. 
I hope this will encourage you to continue to live in His Faith and by His Grace, strengthen you in all that you need. I, too, in Singapore, reach those who are marginalize and those who are on the outskirt of society.  Not because I am qualify to do so.  But because Jesus commanded us to go and seek the lost, preach the Good News and restore them back to Him. 
You never know if I will come and visit you. My girlfriend (soon to be my wife as we are getting marry later this year) have a big heart for Africa.  The church I attend to have a ministry in Uganda as well.  Who knows, maybe in the future, I will come and see you. 
Take care and God bless!!

Read the Word.  Live on them.  Then preach others to follow Him.