Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anxious, Urgency, and the Gospel

Keeping this post short...will expand later.

This is OMF's mission statement,

To glorify God by the urgent evangelization of East Asia's peoples. 

Last night before falling asleep, I thought about the urgency of the gospel.  Surely we have matters in our lives that are important (relationship, family, career etc.), I asked myself lately how much of an urgency in sharing the gospel.

I can tell by my response and tone of voice when people asked me how my fundraising is going.  It is down and discouraging.  And most of the encouragement I receive is that God will provide and in God's timing.  That's very true as this is God's ministry and He is in charge.

At the same time...

My heart is sadden to think about those who has a desire to learn about Jesus, the Truth, but never do so because they don't have a church or a Bible to read.  Nor do they will ever find freedom from idols as no one will be able to access to them.

When I went to Cambodia earlier this year, it's daunting to see no church is in sight.

And this my heart aches and I am sadden.  Because my role as an IT personnel in OMF can help connect the missionaries to the field and shared the gospel faster.

And so I wait.  Moving as fast as I can to prepare myself.
And I pray.  As this is His Ministries and His Mission.
And I will be anxious. Because this is more important than all the things and lofty goals that I use to hold so dearly.

God will certainly provide a way.  At the same time, there are so many others who will perish without knowing the Lord and unless we move and act with Him, they will never discover the peace from above.

Anxiously waiting.
Anxiously hopeful.

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