Friday, April 8, 2011

Good times at the doc

Though my health can be one should be serious about their health.  And though I had a liver transplant which I should be more careful about my health.  Sometimes the responses from my doc just humor me.

Take yesterday for example.  I went to the doc and told him about tightness on my chest, high blood pressure and tiredness.

He kept taking notes and was looking over a medical form I needed him to fill out.

Then he measured my blood pressure (140/100) then told me to come back next week for a physical.

Cliff:  "Doc,  my chest is pretty tight.  Can't you give me some medication or something?" (That was the intent for going to see my family doc.  My Transplant Clinic suggested me to go to my family doc b/c of the high blood pressure.)
Doc: "Well, I normally don't give patient meds until I measure their blood pressure a few times."
Cliff: "But I am tired all the time.  I took lots of rest on Sun and my blood pressure was even higher."
Doc: "It's probably anxiety.  Don't worry about it.  You won't run into serious problems until you had it  for 10-15 years."

With that he ushered me out of his office...

In a way, that was sorta reassuring.

Physical next Tuesday and other blood work.....

...good times

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