Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wait upon the Lord?!?

It seems a lot of times we have to wait upon the Lord.  I remembered a long ago I compare God answering prayers like snail mail.  It takes time.It ain't fast.

When I look back at how fast God is responding..I am almost scared.  He is moving so fast right now, I can barely catch up.

I was talking with a friend on Fri night regarding my trip to Cambodia earlier this year.  With what happened and what's about to happen, 2011 will be a big year.  And I am just sitting along for the ride....

And to think...last year, when I decided to stop triathlon to seek Him.  I asked Him to give me a passion for His Kingdom.  The same intensity as the passion I had with triathlon.  He indeed answered.

I know I should belief that He answers prayers but I am still in awe as to how fast He is responding :O)))

And I am a bit bolder.  I am asking for things that is in align to His Will.  I long for nations to be transformed.  Brokenness to be restored.  I long to taste such goodness that I can almost say it is going to happen.  No, I don't have a gift of prophecy or visions so I can't see the future.  But I can almost tell if not too afraid to say it that it's coming.

There is a time to wait. A time to move
When the door appears, open it.
When the path is shown, follow it.

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