Saturday, September 4, 2010

A fine evening

You can tell when the summer is over by the quietness at the port. There ain't as many kids running around or the laughters of family over a BBQ. There is a calmness in the air, fortelling the turning of the weather. In a matter of a few weeks, the trees will be bared and this port will be devoid of anyone.

Dark clouds had been covering the city for much of the day. Sprinkling here and there. On and off. Before heading to home, I decided to play chicken with the dark clouds. Taking a chance I might get drenched on, I took my bike out for a stroll.

I like this period by the port where it is quieter. It is the long weekend and most people already left the city. The last chance to get away and enjoy the summer. As for me, I was planning to have a little getaway. I decided to stay back to save some money. Plus, I have to prepare for a Bible Study (Matthew 5) and pray for Cambodia.

Though I am not away, I still enjoy quiet times like this where I can bask in God's creation.


A man walked by and asked if I was a professional in my fancy bike gear and my Cervelo.  I should have told him I am a professional chicken wing eater.

A mother was walking her two year old son.  He saw my bike and grinned.

I played chicken with the dark clouds and I won!  It stared to pour just as I pulled onto my driveway.
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