Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chat: Between Encouragement, Thigh and Chicken Wings

Relating to the post of an aunty from church that is battling cancer....

me: hey B
thanks for your kind support
to help out with food
i am talking with K right now
think visitation might be a bad idea because she is very sick
but she is still fighting
i will try and figure out what she needs

PLS pray for her :)

B: k

me: i am going to give her my medal to encourage her

B: awwwwww
which medal?

me: the silver medal
i got at transplant games

B: oh wow

me: it was God who gave it ot me
so i should give it to those who needed it
i actually gave the Gold one to a kid with brain tumor
she loves it :)

B: awwwwww

me: (Y)

B: you have a big heart:)

me: should help encouage one anohter
God got big heart

B: yes

me: i got big thighs :O
from eating too much chicken wings!

B: well that can be our little secret lol, your big thighs

me: :(

i can't hide that
fat thighs yo!

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