Monday, August 9, 2010

Corner of my eye

It was one of those lazy Sat summer nights.

After celebrating a friend's b-day at a restaurant, we were doing what we do best.  Hanging around at the sidewalk, chit chatting about life and enjoying a fine evening.

In a sec, everything changed.

It all happened so fast.

At the corner of my eye, I saw something coming down.  It was actually someone.  She fell down.  Very quickly.  

Like a tree cut down by a lumber jack.  She came down with a crash.  A distinct crack noise as her head smack down in the sidewalk.

We stood there.  Frozen.

In a sec that lingered like hours.  All of us were trying to process what just happen.

The talking stopped.  Just an eerie silence. 

I got down and another person to help turn her over.  

Someone call 911

In an instant, I snapped back into reality.  This is serious.  She is stiff as a board.  Broken bones? Head injury?

There is no time to think.  First and foremost, get her to the hospital.

We all pulled out our phone, in a flash, fueled on adrenaline, I dialed 911.  As the others tended her, I told the receiving party what happened to my friend.  The voice was calm and reassuring.  He kept asking me questions.  What happened?   How is she?  Is she breathing?....

I slowly answered his questions.  Other pedestrians were looking.  Curious eyes.  Friends were standing around and a few were asking if she was ok.

Where is the location? 

Location?  I yelled out, what's the street.

A friend ran down the street to find the street name.  He screamed out and I reported back to the phone.

The voice on the phone asked me if there is a landmark.

Yes! A clock tower.  

He told me Ambulance is on their way.

 I was standing on the side of the street. Ready to flag them down. 

She snapped back into consciousness and slowly sat up.  She was bleeding from her lips.


In less than two minutes, the Paramedic arrived.  Two gentlemen got out of the vehicle calmly took their gears and tended my friend.  They ran a series of test: heart rate, blood pressure and asked her a series of questions.

They suggested to take her to the hospital just to make sure she is ok.  She hesitated.  We urged her to go and told her finance to go w/ her.  Since the finance drive, we would take the his van and meet him there.

After discussing, it was decided me and another friend to drive the finance's van and meet them at the hospital.  There is no point in bringing everyone over.

A brother suggested to pray before we leave.  Great idea.

This is not the first time I went to the Emergency Room. A few years ago when I had a bike accident  knocked a few teeth out, I called my folks and my dad took me to ER  [hehe, in my own sense of humor, I was holding my teeth as I walked in and told the nurse I dropped them. :P]

My friend also had a skiing accident a while back.  His glasses were shattered in a fall and had a few cut.  They took him from the hill straight to the hospital. 

From that experience, I know we will be waiting in ER for a while.

So after four hours of waiting and a few tests, the doc decided to let her go.  She chipped one of her teeth.

Four hours might seemed like a long time.  It is better to wait longer to make sure everything is ok and nothing is serious.   It is a good inconvenience. 

From the impact, she was very lucky she didn't have any head injury, broken bones or fractures.  Praise the Lord for protecting her.


Looking back,  a lot of times we studied about fellowship and loving one another.  Last night was a clear 'example' of loving one another.  Everyone was helping out.  Ready to chip in.  No one played a part too small or too big.  

She is ok.  We will keep praying for her and seeing what she needs.

In a blink of an eye, everything changes.  

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