Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chat: On Marriage and Beauty

me: something that Tim Chester wrote

i really thought about this and took it to heart
u should always find your wife beautiful
like when u grow old together..u should still find (or learn to find) your wife beautiful
i think that's important

i mean...appreciate her important...
everyone is beautiful b/c everyone is created in the image of God
it is just our culture distorts bueaty
culture distorts beauty..b/c it projects what everyone should be
but that's not true
like North America.if u are skinny.and tall..u are consider to be beautiful
in other in Africa..if u are chubby u are consider to be beautiful

some cultre like dark skin..some like white skin
so beauty is all relative...culture...or people and media..we heighten that superficially

haha u are taking advice from a single guy who ain't getting marry anytime soon :P

D: we all have different measuring sticks.

me:  my measurement stick is my wife..(future wife)
and yours is ur wife

D: it's good. i don't believe you need to be married to be enlightened about relationships.
yeah, that's the thing.

me: maybe when i get married and i get de-enlightened about relationships :P

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