Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Calgary orphan raising money for abandoned Cambodians

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Six-year-old Sam is raising money for orphans in Cambodia.

A 6-year-old orphan with a congenital disorder is raising money for children with a similar fate.

Samuel Seehawer was born with congenital amputations and abandoned in his birth place, Cambodia.

He was adopted by a Calgary family.

"It's believed that was caused by Agent Orange. There's no rubber stamp on that, but there are many children born with those types of amputations," says Samuel's adoptive mother, Charlotte Seehawer.

She met Sam when he was just two months old and decided to adopt him, rescuing him from horrific conditions.

She and Sam visited a different kind of orphanage in Cambodia called Place of Rescue, which is home to orphans, destitute elderly women and provides shelters to parents with AIDS and their children.

Sam wanted to raise money for the orphanage and one if it's newest residents – a baby named Sarah, who was found abandoned in a rice field. She too has congenital amputations.

"She has a cast on. She's like me," says Sam.

On September 18th, he will ride his bike two kilometers from his home in Temple to a church in Falconridge to raise money for the orphanage.

You can donate to Sam's ride at

For more information on Place of Rescue, you can log on to
An orphaned boy in Calgary wants to raise money for others like him in Cambodia, including little Sarah.

I contacted Charlotte, mother of Sam, earlier last week. If I don't live so far away, I would be there on Sept 18th to cheer him on!

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