Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On NOT Running

Ever since I stop racing this season, training has gone off track.  Not that there is a need to train per say.....I just swim, bike and run whenever I feel like it or have the time.  I spent most of the time on my saddle.

Funny conversations I had recently relating to running...

J: yeah, I'm running. did you have something in mind?

me: U wanna go for ice cream :)
I haven't run for two months now

J: oh man, I never thought this day will come where I would tell you that I'm running, and realize that you haven't been running

me: :)

Ice cream is good for non runners like me :D


K: well i hope that when i come back for ever, we can still go running some times

me: running
I hadn't run since feb
The only running I do is from my house to my car (when I go to work late!)
btw..when are u coming back?
but seriously i haven't run
for so long
but yes..we will run when u come back
u can yell at me for slowing u down on a run

K: oh shut up

me: or ditch me..when i trip...sprain my ankle..crawling on the road
too funny!
go away
u are too slow
u gotta learn to be tough

K: no way, i will outrun you

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