Monday, April 26, 2010

Downfall - movie

Tonight, I watched the last half of a movie called, Downfall.

It is a movie detailing the last days of Hitler, the Nazi party, and Berlin at the end of World War Two.

World War Two always fascinated me.  It started off in highschool from a computer game, Panzer General.  I had such interest that I started to go to the library and borrow every book about the war.  At the same time, there was such a sadness and tragedy to see the depths of brutality human could achieve.

It is the latter part which I am dwelling on right now.  There is a mix emotions.  On one hand, I see the worshiping of one person, Hitler, the Führer, and the ideology of Nazi, National Socialist, can take a nation to the valley of moral realms.  The hideous of systematically wiping out 6 million Jews and other human race in a industrious process is unfathomable.  We see idol worship at its extreme.  One of the wives killed all her kids after Hitler committed suicide because she cannot think of a future without the Führer.

Even after the war was over, scores of senior Nazi Officials committed suicide at the thought of being without their leader and a lost of hope.

At the same time, I see the suffering of war from a generation grew up in believing a lie through propaganda.  One of the scenes showed a kid fighting for the Nazi.  He was awarded for his bravery on blowing up two Russian tanks.  A sense of innocence was lost.

The director spent a lot of time detailing Hitler as a person.  I see the delusion and the senselessness in his ideology.  By the end, the war was clearly over. He blamed the result as the fate of the German people. It was their destiny.  As such, there would be no surrender and no retreat.  If he goes, everyone is obligated to go down with him.

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