Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cliff's 30 B-day Wing Bash

Last Sat, my friends organized a B-day wing bash for me.

Great times...
grateful to have friends..lots of laughs...
lots of food..
and lots of wings :)

I give a five min spill about my life before we get started.  This image clearly shows that I have ability to count with my left hand :)  I also use a lot of hand gestures to distract my guests from my endless rambling!

A reference to Clifford the Big Red Dog...
Cliffette was a Wii account I made just for laughs a long time ago...

Group shot... :)

I was very surprise to see the Cliffette cake :)

Cliff's attempt to cut Cliffette off the cake..(and failed miserably).

How can birthday bash goes without some live performance? Amy and Jason...great Salsa dancers :D

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