Saturday, February 20, 2010

To study the Bible...

When I first went to church, I had a pastor who taught us how to study the Bible. I remember there were a few Saturdays where our congregation will gathered together and my pastor would give us group exercise.

I didn't give much thought about it. Looking back, I am very thankful and blessed that he instill me and my congregation on loving the Word of God and reading the Scripture in context.

Tonight, I met up with a new Christian and we did a quick Bible Study. Because of his heretic schedule, I asked him what time was he available and adjust my time accordingly.

When I looked back and looking forward, to read and study the Scripture is by far the most valuable skills I picked up along the way as a Christian.

With this new Christian, I told him I ain't teaching him Bible 'lesson' per say. I do not want him to just listen. Sure we will go over Scripture. And I did speak a lot.

I told him that I am teaching him so that he can teach others the gospel. What to look for? The words that the author is using? What was the occasion?

That's discipleship making. That's far more important than the lesson itself.

We don't train fisherman how to fish by just handing them a fish. We give them a rod (and some baits!)

I find that I grow the most is when I have to dig through the Scripture. Sure, sermons, lessons and other commentary help. It is when the conviction of the Holy Spirit speaks so loud and so clear that I cannot turn away. (not that i really want to turn away).

Not just in knowledge. It convicts the soul and transforms the heart.

Tonight Bible Study wasn't just a Bible study. It was following the Great Commission. I was thankful that we had an hour or so to dig through the Bible and how to read and interpret what the Words are saying.

And we will never know what tomorrow might goal is that if for some reason my friend has no access to church or fellowship, he can continue to grow in His Way by the rod that we (not just me, I ain't the only one 'discipling him) prepare for him.


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