Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The poor gets harder

I was at Open Door tonight. They had a General Meeting.

One of the members was talking with the recent change in the grocery store in not providing free plastic bag, they have trouble getting them. At the store, you can now pay five cent for a bag. This is good for the environment. But it makes it tighter when someone is making barely enough to pay rent.

One of the touching story is a girl asking her mom why she works all the time and there is no food on the table.

When I heard stories like that, it made me sad. I am sad because I often take things for granted. I didn't realize that 5 cent bag is a huge difference to something who is barely paying bills. The question is how come I don't realize it?

Sometimes I shake my head at the thought of majority of the world make less than 2 dollars a day.

It re-affirmed me that I am 'rich' even when I think I am poor. It also made me realize how insensitive I am. Even a little thing is a big thing. It also shows how a little change in the community have a huge affect on the marginalize.

Though, the night was not end with sadness. There were many tales of how God is working with the poor, the needy through Open Door. That will be shared in the next post. Indeed God is among us. EMMANUEL!

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