Saturday, February 2, 2013

Doing the works of the Lord and being the works of the Lord

This morning I was reading the autobiography of George Mueller.  One of the early lessons in his walk with the Lord is that he would rely on the Holy Spirit to guide him on what to preach.  He reasoned that since he didn't know the need of the congregation but the Lord knew the hearts of every men and women in the congregation, he would solely rely on him.

The evening service I just attended was preached by a very powerful female speaker.  She spoke the Truth with authority and with clarity.  It was very refreshing.  

After listening to many sermons, you can tell those who are doing the works of the Lord and those who ARE the works of the Lord.

The former relies on individual skills and characters. The latter depends on the Holy Spirit.
The latter not only does the work but are transformed totally by the Lord.  They speak spiritual Truths as if they are prophets in the Old Testaments.  Their message is fill with conviction.  You can fill His presence in the atmosphere.  

The former has a good message.  The latter draws people to the point of conviction of sin and repentance.

Last week, I re-read the book of Acts.  The most striking is after being filled by the Spirit.  The Christians are not just smarter but they've gain such Spiritual wisdom that they outspoken those who try to refute them (Acts 6:10, Acts 18:28).

For my own walk, I would rather be the works of the Lord.  Be transformed by the Holy Spirit.  Then mere man doing the works of the Lord.  I can work hard and might get some recognition.  But the man (or woman) who is transformed by the Holy Spirit, their lives are never the same and the glory belongs to Him!

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