Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest is plentiful

The harvest is plentiful.  The workers are few. 
(Luke 10:2a)


Looking at the statistics give me the chills.  My heart sink and I long to pray.  Tonight I am preparing to share with my church about my role with OMF.

Doing some research via Joshua Project (a project dedicated to determine the unreached people group around the world.

The Uyghur of China

There are about 10 million of Uyghurs.

Here's a short description of the people group...

Despite the presence of many Han Christians in Xinjiang, few have a vision to reach the Uygurs. One visitor reported, "Many [church] leaders openly acknowledge, without guilt or shame, that they do not have such a burden for these people." One church elder, when asked about evangelizing Uygurs, "responded by shouting, 'You're crazy!'" Today about 50 known Uygur Christians meet in two small fellowships in China, although 400 Uygur believers have recently emerged in neighboring Kazakstan. Recent reports indicate that many Uygur in China may be on the verge of accepting Christ.

450 people of 10 million heard of the gospel!

Indeed the workers are few and the harvest is plentiful.

How can they be saved?  What if they want to hear the gospel?  How will they have a chance? Burden in my heart.

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.
(Luke 10:2b)

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