Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gmail Chat: How are you doing?

A conversation over Gmail Chat:

me: is ok... I don't think u understand what I am seeing
there is a disparity between those who have and those who haven't
We just so happen to be on the side where we have


someone needs to have a better worship expereince versus someone who needs to have a meal is very different
and sometimes...I think ppl either see that or they don't

Friend: hmmm, yeah, it is different but i don't fully understand.

me: ...exactly
is ok
I don't understand until I went to Cambodia
It breaks my heart at the same time there's joy because i see where God is working

I was with another friend a few days ago
I told him

the idea of following Jesus....into not that crazy any more
sell everything and go

I thought i know what it means to be poor until i seen it..
and at the same time...i see hope from God
so much hope
I really think
when Jesus talk about the poor ..
it ain't just spiritual

it is also physical and economical

anyways..that's what i think..

how r u doing?

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