Saturday, February 12, 2011


I am now in Hong Kong and going to fly back to Canada this afternoon.

For the past three weeks, I've been to Cambodia on a Vision Quest, to Singapore to visit a friend I met online and Hong Kong to visit my relatives and a friend I know for 20 years.

Looking back, 2010 indeed was a year where I changed a lot.  I took a year off triathlon. And lately, I blogged less.

There are many thoughts in my mind. 

To keep it short.....

I am going to do triathlon once I come back.  My blood pressure is too high 150/100 and I need to get back into a healthier lifestyle.
A lot of discernment in where I like God to take me (note: though I like to say where God leads, I follow...often...all the time I have my own set of agenda already on the table.)

This trip has many surprises.  One of which is the longer than expected stay in Singapore. 

I will jot some of my thoughts on the flight back home.

Will keep you all posted.


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