Friday, February 18, 2011

Seek His Kingdom - unspoken prayer answered

Last night, I received an email from a staff at Hagar International.  She's from Canada as well.

The first time I corresponded with her was last year in September. That's six months ago.  I was inquiring a visit to Hagar facility in Cambodia.

I also emailed Place of Rescue to see if I can visit them.

The plan to visit Hagar International sorta fell through.

By the end of November, I received an email from Lisa at Ratanak International that there is a Vision Quest to Cambodia.  During the Vision Quest, we visited a number of NGOs, including Hagar International.  I also had a chance to visit  Place of Rescue.

Looking back, it's funny how the Lord provided and opened the door for me.

Six months.  Half a year ago.  I asked the Lord to send me over to the other side of the world to seek His Kingdom.  He answered.  And my world is turned upside down (literally).

Thinking about it, looking back, I am still in awe from the events that unfolded in the past few weeks when I was in Cambodia, Singapore and Hong Kong......He indeed provides.


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