Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's not that bad

Yesterday, I went back to class.  I am taking a course on World Mission at McMaster Divinity College.

The teacher was a missionary in Nairobi for a number of years.  He shared with me the following...

95% who went on a short term mission and did nothing afterwards.
95% of long term missionaries went on a short term mission!

I shared with him about my struggle with my stomach while I was in Cambodia.  I also said that now thinking about it it ain't that bad.

In which he replied, 'yeah.  It's not that bad.'

He mentioned about missionaries getting use to the food and the culture.  I am still recovering from jet lagged and I was so tired during the class.  Despite that, it was the most wonderful time as we discussed different culture and different world views affected how to share the gospel.  I shared about Cambodia and some of their world views (at least to the extent that I can understand and observe) and how it related to poverty and child trafficking.

It was a great class indeed.

This was posted on Facebook by a friend.  The picture was taken at Cambodia...
Here's the comments describing this picture:  "What can I eat?"
My response: "Congee again!!"
"I wonder where's the washroom is?"
"Have I brought enough tissue paper?"
And really, looking back in's really not that bad! =D

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