Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank you

This is a thank you email I wrote to my team that I took to St Jamestown earlier in August.  We shared with the youth ministry yesterday.  They were awesome!!

Hi everyone,
I just want to thank you for sharing yesterday @ Fluid. I am more reminded and encouraged by how much you are willing to follow Christ and the things you learn from this mission trip.  I learn so much from you guys.  I hope and pray that you will find following Christ a joy...b/c it really is. 
Despite what's going on at church, I am so excited.  It's crazy sometimes.  I can't even sleep.  To look back a few years ago when I really don't care that much about Christian stuff...indeed when He calls...and when you feel His presence..everything changes.
As for me, I really desire to go over seas and serve for 2-3 years.  I want to go to places like Cambodia because there is a lot of darkness there.  I know this sounds very strange but for me there is nothing more challenging, awesome and fulfilling than go after a place where it is totally broken and totally lost.  I long to go after the lost of the lost.  I want to see the Holy Spirit at work.  And so I am disciplining myself in making sure that I strive to live on faith! Let Him provide. Listen to see where He is leading.
I am slowly counting my cost...purposely giving up on things i in the summer i asked God if He wanted..He could take away my tri bike..I would give it to anyone who come across my life in need....(tri bike for me is like my dream car).
Anyways, enough babbling...this is the journey that I am shown and I wanted to pursuit it....this might not be your path.and that's ok...this ain't the only way..and to follow the Lord is a lot of joy and excitement.
I hope you guys all continue to seek the Lord with all your me, it is definitely worth it. TCM was so much fun...when i was doing the brought back so many good memories... :)

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