Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh..this gonna hurt...

An interview from a pro racer in Tour De France.....I was reminded about the time when I had a bike that few seconds while I was in the air and know I am going to land head first, I thought the same thing...oh this gonna hurt!

Very funny to hear him calm.  Oh I just gotta have this stitch up.  Might break my ribs.  Just have to sit it out...yup...cyclists are a crazy bunch!

Another video about the conversation between the body and the mind.  How true, in a race, my body always screaming/whining to slow down....but the mind revolts saying, 'we didn't spend all this time training on the hills, in the heat,  to give up on a race.  You are going to keep moving and that's that!'....Then the body follow that logic and keeps going :D

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