Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remember the Lord Your God

Yesterday at Sun School I was teaching about Moses.

I ended off with telling the class that the people grumble a lot because they lost sight of who God is.

Moses' advice is to remember the Lord your God. The One who took you out of Egypt.

I relate this to my own life. How often I grumble about life when I should remembered what the Lord had done in my life.

Liver transplant, triathlon, Ironman...I can go on and on. I am not even talk about Salvation!!!

And so yesterday, I was riding my bike. All I remember is the Lord our God. The One who gave me a liver so I can live. The One who helped me when I was struggling with paying bills a few years ago when I got into a bike accident. The God that is loving kindness who did not let go of me when I run as far away from Him as possible.


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