Thursday, March 11, 2010


Google Reader today pull out a post made by Tullian a while back. The post is the difference between God-Centered anger and Self-Centered anger.

A definitely good read.

The world so often senses our anger — but do they ever sense our grief? They think we’re angry simply because we’re not getting our way, but I’m afraid they don’t feel our sorrow over sin’s negative, de-humanizing effects. Our anger is not communicated in a “You were made for so much more than this” type manner. They hear our anger without grief and conclude, “They’re not angry because they want what’s best for us; they’re angry because they only want what’s best for them and they’re not getting it.” No wonder they tune us out.

When we see the restlessness and wreckage in people’s lives because they’re not in relationship with God and they’re living sin-filled lives, it should stoke our anger — an anger that arises because we love them and grieve to see them living for something so destructive when God created them to live for something beautiful and satisfying.

Self-centered anger is not a grieving, love-fueled anger; God-centered anger is. So does your anger rage because your love for God and your love for others is radical? When people see us hating what God hates because our love for God and people is real and deep, then and only then will they pay attention to our message.
I admit, there are those times when I know my rage is self centered. The worst is not because it is self-centered. The worst is I justify it that I do it for God. What a hypocrite!

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