Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Intentional spending

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.

I went on a ride. It was rather breezy and I put on my winter gears to keep me warm. Because of the holiday, the roads were empty. It was a cyclist heaven. I weave in and out of the streets of Mississauga which normally were packed with traffic. Instead of the stress of making sure there is cars coming at me. I was at ease.

I had a few things on my mind. The quietness and the solitude of the road allowed me to reflect.

I was thinking about where I am spending my money. I thought about the time where I went out to share a hot dog with a homeless person in Nathan Phillip Square. I spent 6 bucks for the hot dogs. Then afterwards I went to MEC and checked out a winter jacket for 200 bucks.

To be honest, I felt quite selfish afterwards. I took an ethics course and I reflected on the fact that I am willing to spend 200 bucks on myself for running (not essential) yet the guy who I just shared a meal with probably needed that jacket more than I do.

The question goes back I really living for myself or for Christ? (Side Note: I didn't end up buying the jacket).

A few friends are going on missions and they lack funds to go. Though we believe that God will provide, I cannot stop but think about those who are partnering up in prayers and in purses.

I thought about where I am spending my money. Usually the response would be, Cliff you are doing pretty good. You know you do not over indulge etc etc.

Then I thought about the coming winter season and was considering getting a season pass at Blue Mountain. I thought about what am I really giving up for hindsight, I backed out on the season pass. That money is better spent some help expand the Kingdom of God.

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