Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I miss from Australia

It has been about 2-3 weeks back here in Mississauga and things are back to normal.

What I miss from Australia is that every thing I did, even the small thing, like finding my way in Brisbane transit, I feel great accomplishment and grateful. Maybe because it was new experience. I should see things differently when I come back. Even driving to church, for example, I should be grateful.

The most thing I miss from Australia is that there were days where I can sit and just rejoice by Romans 5:6-11. Just the thought of what Jesus done for me 2000 years ago and the hope I had for the future, I was so happy. So much joy. Coming back, it seems much harder to do so.

I think this is what they mean to be rejoice in God. I feel constant pressure and the temptation of finding joy from somewhere else (job, career, things, toys etc.). I mean...those things should be happy too but not as much as what Jesus offers. The eternal bread. lately I am doing much less. I don't wanna plan too much or commit too much. Even the social stuff. I just want to get back to that place. Where I can dwell in His Presence.

hmmm.....definitely worth more than gold...more than refine gold.

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eleasa said...

with the Tim Tams you can buy in Loblaws & your jar of Vegemite, you can easily create your little version of Australia right in Mississauga. ;D

but seriously, it sounds like you were refreshed by your time here in Aussie, so keep trying to practice the presence of God wherever you are! and that same peace & joy comes from Him, no matter where you are. (: