Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the presence of God down south

I have been in Australia for almost three weeks.

As I am here by myself, I feel a sense of longing for friends.  At the same time, I am reminded of the need for solitude.  Of which, I get both.

Staying hostels and going on different tours, I meet a lot of different people.  Guy from Belgium looking for work in Australia and studying Law.  A lady from Ireland coming to visit her brother and was on my tour at Fraser Island.  A German couple who is interested in knowing more about Internet Marketing. We exchanged contacts and told them if they ever come to Toronto, I will show them around (in return, if I go to Germany, they will show me around!).

Everyday, I do not have a big schedule.  Though this is a vacation and Australia have many things to see.  There are things I opt not to do.  Simply it is beyond my budget and simply I rather focus on just entertainment fun. 

This is how one of my day is like.  Two days ago I got up at Bondi Beach (Sydney) and headed to a place call Manly Beach.  I spent the morning read the Bible (re-reading Acts focusing on the role of the Holy Spirit).  Then headed over to the ferry.  The ferry took me to straight to the beach.  I saw a store that rented bike and took one for a ride.  They had a trail that led up to a point called North Head.  It faced the whole city of Sydney and the Pacific Ocean.  Beautiful. I was all alone up there and meditated upon Psalm 19 under the sun with the roaring sound of the ocean.  I went down to the beach for lunch then headed to visited a church and talked to a local there.  I ended up the night doing some more reading (Bible and other books). Praying and head to bed.

Not bad for a vacation..nothing glamour or glitzy..very refreshing and joyful!

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victoria said...

Less glam, more God!

As I've heard Australians say in the past: "Good on ya!"