Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chat reflection: I am done

One of my closest friends is getting marry this Sept (YAY!).  They bought a house and it is a fixer upper.  I know they needed help. But with the schedule I had been running.  It was impossible for me to step back.  This is a gmail chat I had with him last week.

Minor editing for confidentiality purpose...and of course any grammar mistakes (those that I can spot).

me: I really want to help you to renovate the house
  but I am so stress lately
  sorry :(
  I don't even want to go out..
  I just wanna do nothing
sanding sanding
whiirrrrrrrr [a reference to the last time I help out, I was sanding down the dry walls.]

D: i totally understand, if i have any walls to kick in, i will let you know.
sand sand
me: I want to sand!
  yeah...God is telling me to stay in MCAC [my church]
  so I stay
D: good! you can sand my stairs. =)
me: :D
but yeah.sorry..I have too many ministries on my hand
I need to trim down
I don't even want to hang out with D [another D, not the same D I am chatting] for pho  
First the morning calls are irritating.  I just think I am tired
I am done

What a good friend.  Even when I am too busy and he needs a lot of help, we can still joke around.  I did enjoy sanding down the dry walls.

When I told him I am done.  I know I need to change.

Seek the Lord....lay down in His green pastures...follow where He goes.

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